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Menu Bar-Blog Info Tab

The final item on the menu bar is called the Blog Info Tab.

But lets take a quick look at the Menu Bar again. You know the long light grey area near the top of your screen. NOTE: This bar is visible at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are in your dashboard or visiting another site in the community.


Here are the options that open when you allow your mouse to just touch the tab.

Random Post

This option will load a random post from a blog you are visiting.

Subscribe to Blog

This option will load the Blog Surfer page directly withing your Administration Panel  and allow you to subscribe to the blog you are visiting.

STOP stop reading this post click on random post and go to at least 7 blogs to see if there is one you want to subscribe to.

Add to Blogroll

This option will add the blog you are visiting to your blogroll. HALT WHAT IS A BLOGROLL???

My quick definition is as follows:

You are visiting several blogs in the community, you find one that relates to what you are talking about. You want to link to them, place them on the real estate on your blog. You can add them to your blogroll. Yes, later I will show you how.

Oh, lets know forget about your very best friend who also has a blog and you want to add her to your blogroll too.

Report as Spam

This beautiful option allows you the chance to report a spam blog to the administration. Read this post I wrote on spam.

Report as Mature

This feature allows you to report a blog site that has mature content on it.


Click on all the options in t he Blog Info.

Go to the home page, do a search on a topic or just go with the featured


What questions do you have?


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The Menu Bar-Dashboards and New Post

My Dashboards

When you click on this tab it will take you to the Administration Panel of any blog you have in It is an easy way to switch to the different blogs. You may only have one blog now but soon you will develop others for specific niches and markets.

New Post

When you click on this tab it provides another way to quickly go to the WRITE POST section where you can write and publish a new post to your blog. Of course we will discuss this more later.

Now, don’t get confused. You will discover, in blogging, that there are more than one way to complete an action. In other words, just like there is more than one way to post to your blog , there are more than one way to do many things that will give you the same results.

There is a great saying-” A poor mouse only has one hole to run into.” That is not the case with a blog.

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My Account Link on The Menu Bar-What’s There?

If you have done your homework you have clicked on the arrow pointing down next to the Account Link on the Menu Bar. So, What is there?

  • Global Dashboard

When you click on this option it will take you to the Dashboard panel

  • Tag Surfer

When you click on the Tag Surfer you will find out what people are talking about based on keywords. Note:

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that describes the main concepts of a topic. Before you start searching it is a good idea to brainstorm synonyms and combinations of terms. This will increase your chances of finding information on a topic.

For example, if your topic was capital punishment, other keywords might include death penalty, death sentence, execution, etc..

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries
P.O. Box 604, 2311 East Hartford Avenue

Milwaukee WI 53201-0604

The tags are also considered keywords in WordPress.

This powerful feature actually collects all the keywords(Tags) you have placed in the Tag section of your blog when you posted. Ok, I know we did not discuss that yet but don’t worry I will repeat it.

  • My Comments

When you click on this option it will take you to the My Comments section of the WordPress Administration panel. Now, hold on to your hat, you will be able to view all the comments you have left anywhere within the community of blogs.

·         My Blogs

This will take you to a page that says Blogs You’re A Member Of.  On this page you can indicated your primary blog, check the stats for each blog and enable you to post to the blog by email.

  • Stats

When you click on this option you are taken to the Blog Stats for your site. I will discuss this feature in more detail later. Meanwhile take a peek and get excited.

  • Edit Profile

When you click on this option it will take you to the Your Profile section within the Administration panel. Here you can edit your personal user profile. (We will talk about that later).

·         Support

This is where you go for help. Really, this is probably one of the most valuable areas of Just type in a word or phrase you need help with and it is almost magic.

  • Contact Support

When you click on this option you can connect with the wonderful folks at


When you click on this option it will simply take you to the main site.

  • Log Out

Yes, you are right, clicking on this option will actually log you out. But you will be back.

HOMEWORK: Now, go and click on each of these options.


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Administration Panel-Notice The Stuff In The Grey?

Now let’s take a close look at the administration panel. I call this side of WordPress “behind the scenes”. There is a lot of stuff. The first thing you see can be seen whenever you travel to any WordPress,com blog. It is called the MENU BAR

On the very top in grey is:

  • My Account
  • My Dashboards
  • New Post
  • Blog Info

If you look closely each of these headings have a drop down menu. You  know it is a drop down menu because there is a little arrow pointing down.  Go ahead and click on each of the arrows next to the headings. We will talk about them.

Your task before you read the next post is:

  • Click on the drop down menu for each menu item

We will examine each one of the items in the menu.

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