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Everything is HOT on the What’s Hot Section -Dashboard

Scroll to the very bottom of your dashboard and you will see a section that says

“What’s Hot”

This section tells you about all the hot happenings in the world of It includes:

  • WordPress News
  • Top blogs
  • Top Posts from around
  • Fastest Growing blogs
  • Latest Posts

So tonight, one of the fastest growing blogs is

Ok, check your “What’s Hot Section Now”


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Quick Post and Quick Edit

I just saw this really good explanation of two features called Quick Post and Quick Edit. Whereas, Quick Post is visible on the Dashboard, Quick Edit is seen when you go to Manage. It is one of the options visible under your blog post.

So, take a few minutes to visit this blog by Heather. While you are there make a comment. We will discuss this later but get into the practice of making a comment on most of the sites

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Right Now Log in and Go To Right Now View-Dashboard Pt.2

What is the “Right Now” section on your dashboard?

You have already taken 60 seconds to quickly discover wht you overall  dashboard looks like. Now it is time to go deeper.

The Right Now section gives you a quick look at your blog’s use of posts, pages, categories, and tags. When you click on the numbers next to each item you’ll be taken to the related screen.

There is also a count of total, approved, pending, and spam comments. I just checked mine and discovered that 914 comments were made. When I clicked on the link I saw that only 7 of the comments were solid the rest were all spam.

The spam was caught by the powerful Akismet plugin.

The Right Now module offers an “at a glance” look at your blog’s use of posts, pages, categories, and tags. Click on the number and you’ll be taken to the associated screen. There is also a count of total, approved, pending, and spam comments. You can also click on the numbers to load the appropriate comments screen. Below this info are some links to get you into themes, widgets, or the spam queue.

feature of

Below this info are easy links to get you into themes, widgets, or the spam queue.

For example, you will know, at a glance, the name of the theme you are using and widgets. You can also manage your spam.

So, lets go there and get busy. Click on all the links and see where it takes you.


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What Can The 2.7 Dashboard Tell You in 60 Seconds?

Start The Clock And Look at Your Dashboard

This powerful feature can be overlooked in our haste to post

The next time you long into your site stop and absorb what you see.  If you don’t you will miss one of the most powerful features of your blog. The DASHBOARD will save you time becauses it gives you an overview of what is currently happening with your blog with a quick glance.

You can do the following in less than 60 seconds:

  • Catch up on news
  • View your posts that are still in draft
  • Observe who is linking to your site
  • Determine if  the content of your site is popular
  • Put up a simple post in nano seconds without anything fancy.
  • Check out how many comments you have received
  • Top Posts
  • Most active posts and the number of views
  • Blog stats

Now sign into your blog. See how much information you can gather in only 60 seconds.


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More Insights on The Dashboard

Here is a great post on customizing the dashboard. Now, you may or may not be ready for it but just know that it will be here for review.

The author, Heather, is a good instructor.

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4 Places to View Your Post

There are several places where you can view your site while in the Dashboard.

1. Next to the name of your site you will see the link to view your site.

2. When you create a post you will see PREVIEW on the right side near PUBLISH and Save. Right in that box in the upper right corner.

3.  When you edit your post you can also use the option to view it.

4. You tell me, explore (Hint) has a dark background

Now, I want you to let me know if you discover  fourth place. But the main thing I want you to remember is to look at the top of the Dashboard next to your name to view the post. Note: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VIEW YOUR POST FROM THE TOP OF THE ADMINISTRATION PANEL UNTIL YOU HAVE EITHER SAVED IT OR PUBLISHED IT. IF YOU DO YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOU HAVE WRITTEN. BUT YOU CAN USE THE PREVIEW FEATURE WITHOUT SAVING IT OR PUBLISHING THE POST.

Be sure to review this post again when we talk about posting to the site. Meanwhile the next post will be about the Dashboard.

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A New Look To Your WordPress Dashboard

There is a new look to your dashboard. You will notice that the major tabs are running down the left column. It is best that you click on each of the options as well as the fly out menus.

Do not shy away from exploring each and everyone of the options. I will be posting about each tab and the selections regardless of where the placement is on the dashboard.

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