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How to Add a Registration/RSVP Form to Your Blog

This afternoon I was sent an email from the The Arc of New Jersey inviting me to SAVE THE DATE for an upcoming FREE Webinar on Fetal Alcohol  Spectrum Disorders. I was immediately impressed with their use of a blog dedicated to the registration process.

I noticed that they created a separate page for the registration form.  Did you know you could do this? Well, I didn’t and immediately wanted to share with others. You can check out the results by visiting The Webinar FASD Invite Site by The Arc of New Jersey. If you are interested in the webinar you can also sign up.

If you want to know HOW to set this up on your own blog visit this comprehensive tutorial from the support section of on how to set up a RSVP Contact form.

If you do one please share it.


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Do You Know How to Add Widgets to Your Blog?

I just saw this video on adding widgets to your blog. Now I need everyone to repeat. “Widgets are Wonderful”. That is the truth. They really are cool ways to add all kinds of great things to your site like RSS, catergories, past posts, pictures plus more.

But take  a few minutes to check out this video. If you want I will go a bit deeper on the topic later.
Just click this link to be taken to the video on putting widgets on your sidebar.

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Who Do You Want to Comment on Your Site?

It is very important that you DO NOT CHECK the option to have only those registered in to comment on your site if you want folks outside of the community to post a comment.  Be sure the option in the picture below is NOT checked.

Also read this information in the support about your comment setting.

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Did You Know You Can Have Your Own Domain Name With

Now many of you who read the title may get confused. You are saying I already have a domain name with this hosted blog platform. Well, the key is the term “hosted blog”.

Remember that is a Hosted Blog Platform. is a self-hosted blog platform.

With the (hosted) platform your blog address will have “ However, when you go to a self hosted platform you will need domain name that you purchase. Your url will read, etc

Now, the good news is that if you are on hosted you can still have your own domain name WITHOUT the at the end. All you have to do is go to UPGRADES on your Administration panel.

It is the very last, I mean very last option on panel. Click it on and for a small fee you can upgrade. You will first need to purchase a domain name and then place it the the field indicated.

Ok, now if you want a video just let me know. Hope this helps.

It is

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How to Resize Your Photo When You Do Not Have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

Here is a FREE download you can use to resize your photos for the web. This excellent blog post you read will also have a tutorial. Try it out.

But a friend of mine is doing a full 2 hr webinar on how to handle your images. I will post more info on it later.

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