How to Add Pictures to Your Blog Post from the Web

  • First locate a picture that is LEGAL to copy.

  • right click on your mouse on the image you want to copy. you will be given the option to save the link or save target as. or
  • Click on the properties option and you will see the url. Copy that url.

Click on the Add An Image Icon  (That is the first icon you see after the title bar)

·         Click the FROM URL tab in the ADD an Image window. This will open the Add Media Files Window

·         Type the full URL including the http and www of the address.

·         Type a title for the image in the Image Title text box.

·         You can, if you wish, type a caption of the image in the Image Caption text box. The words you type here will actually display underneath the image on your blog post. Also, this will provide something called an alt tag which enables someone blind to know what the image is all about. It also enables the search engines to read it.


·         Choose an alignment. You may choose to select None, Left, Center or Right.

·         Decide where you want your readers to go if they click on the image. You can do this by typing in the URL you want the image to be linked to.  None means you don’t want the image to be clickable. Whereas, Link to Image means that readers can click through to the direct image.

·         Click the Insert into Post button.

Exercise:  Copy one of the images below. Create the post URL or add the url you captured from the properties to a blog post.

Have fun-These are my pictures and you have permission




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