How To Add An Image From Your Computer To Your Blog Post

Yes, the information you have been waiting is finally here. I am going to show you how to add images directly from your hard drive to your blog post.

  • Click the Add an Image icon directly under the title page.  It will be the first tab next to From URL and Media Library.
  • Click the From Computer tab
  • Click the Select Files button. This will open a box (called a dialog box) which will give you the opportunity to select images from your hard drive.

Critical Note: The interface that is used by and is based on Adobe Flash. Now, you really don’t need to know what that is right now but only that if your operating system can’t handle Adobe Flash applications you will know it as soon as you click on the Select Files button.  If things act stupid then click on a Non-Flash option which is Browser Uploader.

  • Select your image(s) then click Open
  • Type a title for the image. If one is already there you can type over it.
  • Type a caption for the image which will be displayed in your blog post.
  • Type a description of the image.(Optional)
  • Under the field Link to Url you can type the Url(web address) you want people to go to after they click on the image. Now, if you do not want the image clickable then you can leave that space blank.

Let us take a closer look at your options.  The None button means you DO NOT want the image to be clickable.

The File Url button means that your readers can clickthrough to the direct image itself.

The Post Url means that your readers can click through to the specific post that the image appears in. You can type your own URL  in the Link Url text box.

  • For Alignment you can choose None,Left, Right, or Center. It is also important to note that in some Themes the alignment options may not work unless you play around with the code in the style sheet.  I know that is a mouth full but just know that you may need help if the alignment does not work.
  • Choose the size you want to image to appear in on your blog post. Your options are Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size.  I always choose medium if my image is very large. In some instances you may need to bring your images into software like Photoshop Elements to resize them.

What questions do you have? Or, tell me what I should have said and did not.



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4 responses to “How To Add An Image From Your Computer To Your Blog Post

  1. You have assumed that people know what you mean about making an image clickable. I just want to add an image and, after reading your explanation, still do not know how to do this

    • rosie999

      Good point. However, many who visit this site are reviewing information after they have attended a class I have conducted. You can add an image on your or .org site by clicking on the button on your tool bar that allows you to add an image. If the image is on your hard drive you can browse your files and add the image you want. Perhaps I should add more tutorials on this via video. Would that help?

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