9 Common Types of WordPress.com Blogs

What Are The 9 Types of Blogs You Will See on WordPress.com?

WordPress.com lists the blog types as follows:

  1. Personal:

This is the broadest category and includes blogs by individuals about personal topics like politics, music, family, parenting, travel, health, holidays, religion, books, photography, you name it.

2.  Business:

Professionals ranging from realtors to lawyers and stock brokers are using WordPress to share their expertise, and companies have discovered the power of blogs to more directly and personally engage with their customers.

3.  Schools:

WordPress is a great way for teachers and students to collaborate on classroom projects.

4.  Non-profits:

Foundations, charities, and human rights groups are finding our blogs to be great tools to raise awareness and money for their causes.

5.  Politics:

We’ve got members of parliament, political parties, government agencies, political groups and activists using our blogs to connect with their various constituencies.

6.  Military:

Members of the military blog to report what they see happening in various parts of the world, to stay in touch with their families, and some of those families are in turn using blogs to support each other.

7.  Private:

Some people make their blogs private to share photos and information within families, companies, or schools.

8.  Sports:

We’ve got teams, athletes, and fans using blogs to express and share their passion for various sports.

9.  How-to, tips and reviews:

There are lots of blogs that share tips and reviews about cooking, products, games, music, books, movies, and so on.


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