4 Places to View Your Post

There are several places where you can view your site while in the Dashboard.

1. Next to the name of your site you will see the link to view your site.

2. When you create a post you will see PREVIEW on the right side near PUBLISH and Save. Right in that box in the upper right corner.

3.  When you edit your post you can also use the option to view it.

4. You tell me, explore (Hint) has a dark background

Now, I want you to let me know if you discover  fourth place. But the main thing I want you to remember is to look at the top of the Dashboard next to your name to view the post. Note: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VIEW YOUR POST FROM THE TOP OF THE ADMINISTRATION PANEL UNTIL YOU HAVE EITHER SAVED IT OR PUBLISHED IT. IF YOU DO YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOU HAVE WRITTEN. BUT YOU CAN USE THE PREVIEW FEATURE WITHOUT SAVING IT OR PUBLISHING THE POST.

Be sure to review this post again when we talk about posting to the site. Meanwhile the next post will be about the Dashboard.


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