Menu Bar-Blog Info Tab

The final item on the menu bar is called the Blog Info Tab.

But lets take a quick look at the Menu Bar again. You know the long light grey area near the top of your screen. NOTE: This bar is visible at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are in your dashboard or visiting another site in the community.


Here are the options that open when you allow your mouse to just touch the tab.

Random Post

This option will load a random post from a blog you are visiting.

Subscribe to Blog

This option will load the Blog Surfer page directly withing your Administration Panel  and allow you to subscribe to the blog you are visiting.

STOP stop reading this post click on random post and go to at least 7 blogs to see if there is one you want to subscribe to.

Add to Blogroll

This option will add the blog you are visiting to your blogroll. HALT WHAT IS A BLOGROLL???

My quick definition is as follows:

You are visiting several blogs in the community, you find one that relates to what you are talking about. You want to link to them, place them on the real estate on your blog. You can add them to your blogroll. Yes, later I will show you how.

Oh, lets know forget about your very best friend who also has a blog and you want to add her to your blogroll too.

Report as Spam

This beautiful option allows you the chance to report a spam blog to the administration. Read this post I wrote on spam.

Report as Mature

This feature allows you to report a blog site that has mature content on it.


Click on all the options in t he Blog Info.

Go to the home page, do a search on a topic or just go with the featured


What questions do you have?


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